Thursday, February 5, 2009

32 Week Checkup

We are still on track for February 17 C-section unless anything happens before then. The boys look great on the ultrasound!
Triplet A (Luke) 4 lbs 2 oz (May be a little off since he is under a big pocket of fluid from my abdomen and she had a hard time seeing and measuring him.)
Triplet B (Brady) 4 lbs 14 oz
Triplet C (Grant) 4 lbs 13 oz

Lots of baby I'm carrying around! As to be expected, I'm not feeling too hot but I'm trying to enjoy my last couple weeks of being pregnant.

We had a false alarm Tuesday and I went to the hospital but everything was fine. Just had some new and different back pains and pain in the front of my abdomen as well. They hooked me up to the fetal monitors and they showed no contractions and my cervix remains closed so I came home!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

31 Week Checkup

The C-section is finally scheduled! The official countdown begins! The babies will be delivered February 17 at 0730. We have to be there at 0430! Things are definitely getting more real every day! Dr. Suarez was happy today with cervix is long and closed, no problems other than me just being extremely uncomfortable. He is very optimistic that I will make 34 weeks...I sure hope I can hang in there. My hips are killing me at night and it doesn't help having to crawl in and out of bed every hour to pee! I just keep reminding myself that it will be worth it in the end when we finally have our boys! I haven't had any contractions (that I'm aware of) which is good...they seem to think most of the pain is just muscular since my cervix is so long. I go back to see the doctor next week and they will check the weights of the babies. Speaking of weight...I gained 11 pounds in one week! I about fell off the scale and had the nurse redo it! They assured me that this was fine...the babies are going through growth spurts plus I have a pocket of fluid at the bottom of my belly from all the pressure. I was also put on house arrest today too...just to be on the safe side. I wasn't really going anywhere anyway...just out to dinner and to the grocery store every now and then. So now I'm confined to my house till my next doctor appointment next Thursday. We'll see how that least I'm not in the hospital!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

30 Week Checkup

We made it another milestone-30 weeks! Today I saw Dr. Rowe and everything is going good! The boys are growing great!

Triplet A (Luke): 3 lbs 6 oz

Triplet B (Brady): 4 lbs - our future linebacker!

Triplet C (Grant) 3 lbs 2 oz

Their weights are right on target (Brady is actually kind of big). The ultrasound was a little limited today because it is so crowded in there. I thought it was cute that Grant actually moved over more to my midline and he and Brady are cudddling. Grant is usually up high on my left side. I actually felt him do that last night. I was on the recliner and my whole stomach just kind of shifted over to the right. Very strange but awesome feeling! Dr. Rowe and Dr. Suarez still agree (if everything continues like it is) that I will have my C-section at 34 weeks. I can't wait! I am completely terrified of having a C-section though- I hope I can behave and act right! I've never had a major surgery before-just tonsils taken out. I'm feeling pretty good but my hips are killing me from laying on my side and this morning I woke up with sores on my tongue and my gums are all swollen and sore! Dr. Rowe called it some weird name and said about 2% of pregnant women get it (he told me what it is called but my pregnancy brain has already erased it!) Imagine that- I'm in the 2%, it never fails! Oh well.

The nursery is pretty much complete-I have a couple of wall hangings to put up when my aunt brings them down from Dallas. Other than that, I'm just washing baby clothes! I finally took some pics tonight of the nursery:
Look at all their new clothes! This is just the closet-they also have a dresser full of clothes as well!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

28 week checkup

Yesterday was my 28 week checkup. I went back to my old OB-GYN (who has a little more experience with multiples) and I feel a lot better about it. I just don't feel like my other doctor was really into it. Dr. Suarez was glad to have us back and I feel like I actually have a "gameplan" now. He said I was doing really good and he will deliver the babies more than likely at 34 weeks if all goes well. He did say if I so much as blink the wrong way anytime after 30 weeks that he will go ahead and deliver them to prevent any fetal demise. I really want these guys to stay in for 34 weeks though. That has been my main goal. He said making it 28 weeks is a huge milestone...I just can't believe that in a matter of a couple weeks I could deliver! I was feeling a lot of stress about everything throughout this whole pregnancy but now it's mainly just excitement and anticipation. I do worry a lot about going back to work and who will watch the babies though. Everything is so up in the air. We are planning on taking things day by day and whatever happens, happens. I've always been a planner and this just seems like something I can't plan...just a wait and see type of thing.

The whole bedrest thing is getting really boring. I know I'm doing what's best for my boys, but man I wish I could work! I'm sure if I were working I'd rather be at home though! Being in the bed just gets really uncomfortable. I spend a lot of the day in the recliner in the living room. My husband has been so good throughout all this. I feel so sorry that he is busting his butt working so hard then coming home and dealing with me! He is really excited about the babies though and I can't wait to share this experience with him. We are scared to death, I don't know if anyone is ever truly ready for this rollercoaster we are about to be on! It's hard to believe that there are three babies in me getting ready to enter this world. It all becomes so much more real when I feel them kicking me (which they have been like crazy these past few days!) I just can't wait to see them and hold them. I was really bummed that I couldn't do my 4D ultrasound. With the holidays they couldn't get me in, then I was too far along to do it. She did switch it over and I got a little glimpse of Triplet B's face(Brady's). It was really hard to see though. They are so crowded in there! Everyone keeps telling me that it doesn't look like I'm having triplets, but they are there! I actually feel pretty good except for the muscle pains on my left side and not being able to sleep well.

I've been working on the nursery somewhat...mainly just washing clothes, blankets, towels etc. I'm still waiting on some things to come in, then I can piece it all together and clean up.

I go back to the doctor next Wednesday and hopefully I will know weights...I hope these little guys are beefing up!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting Started A Little Late-Our History

I'm totally new at this so bear with me...I'll start from the very beginning even though I'm already 27 weeks pregnant: Brad and I were married at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas on November 8, 2004. Right away we knew that we wanted to start a family. I always had a gut instinct that it was going to be difficult for me to conceive. In my early twenties I suffered from Grave's disease (a hyperactive thyroid) which was pretty severe. I underwent a total thyroid ablation where they used radioactive iodine to kill off my thyroid. This left me with no thyroid and a lot of weight gain. Once they were able to stabilize my thyroid with thyroid supplements it seemed like they kept finding numerous endocrine problems. In 2005 I was finally able to take Clomid to stimulate ovulation and we had an intrauterine insemination that did not work. I was very upset and the traveling back and forth to Houston was not working well with my job schedule. At the time I was working 12 hour shifts at DeTar Hospital in the ICU. So we just decided to chill for a while. Well, the years went by and nothing ever happened. I got a better job at a better hospital in town with a more flexible schedule where I am currently employed but on hospital leave at this time. I still work as a RN in the ICU. Brad and I finally bought a new house in November 2007. We had three dogs (and still do) who are like our children but all we were missing was a human child. So we decided to see a local doctor to get back in the game so we could have a child. I was started back on the Clomid for a couple of cycles which did not work. I was instructed to lose weight by my doctor (which I did) but he seemed to think that more aggressive treatment would not work because of my obesity. This was terribly upsetting to me and I continued to lose weight and decided that I wanted a second opinion. We had even looked into adoption but decided to go with more fertility treatments first. So back to Houston I went. The doctors immediately put me on fertility shots in May 2008. I traveled back and forth to Houston 2-3 times a week for ultrasounds and bloodwork and still managed to make it to work for my 2-9 shift. The first round of shots left me with a nasty allergic reaction and had to be stopped which was very discouraging. I almost had to be admitted to the hospital for the high fevers and excruciating whelps on my buttocks and hips where the shots were given. I got better and got back in the game again scared to death because I knew that this was going to be the last round. Things were getting mighty expensive and the gas at that time was almost four dollars a gallon. I can't tell you how many nights I prayed that something positive would happen...

July 5-6 2008

My follicles grew after a round of Menopur shots so we made a weekend of it and went to Houston to have back to back IUI's! Now the waiting and more praying begins!

July 18, 2008

We couldn't stand it anymore so my mom had her boss order me a blood pregnancy test since the early home ones were showing a very faint positive. I went to work that afternoon and went down to lab to have my blood drawn. I could hardly stand it so I looked my lab up on the computer system (probably not suppose to do that but oh well!) I couldn't believe my eyes....I'm pregnant! I immediately called Brad...he was so happy he was crying. I always thought the moment I found out (if I ever did) that I would bawl like a baby but I was just in too much shock and on cloud nine. God had finally answered our prayers. News traveled like wildfire (my whole family knew that I was undergoing fertility treatments and so did my co-workers since they were the ones giving me my shots every evening). I called Dr. Gill's office in Houston to let them know about my postive test and they scheduled me for an ultrasound ten days later...

July 28, 2008

I was really bummed that Brad couldn't go to the ultrasound appointment with me in Houston, but with his new job and work schedule it couldn't be done. Little did I know at the time that there would be PLENTY more ultrasounds for him to see. So of course my mother took the trip with me. So Dr. Gill did my ultrasound that morning and he said well it looks like twins! I was shocked and ecstatic. I called Brad immediately and he was in shock too. Dr. Gill said not too get too excited because this early on (5 weeks) sometimes one of the twins doesn't make it. I stayed positive but tried not to get too excited. I still couldn't believe I was actually pregnant.

August 4, 2008

I went back to Houston that morning for another ultrasound with Dr. Gill. He was doing a procedure so one of the ultrasound techs performed the ultrasound. Once again it was me and my mom. I can't really remember all the details of exactly what was said...everything from that day is such a blur. I know the tech kind of kidded around and said she was going to find another one and then she really did! I think it kind of shocked her too! I think all I could say was "Oh my God" over and over. I called Brad once again to update him on the addition...he really didn't know what to say! I know he said I wasn't going back for another ultrasound the next week for fear of finding another one! I remember asking the nurse how this happened because they told me I had two good eggs. She said one of my follicles must have caught up and grown or one of the eggs split. I remember them mentioning something about selection reduction but I said absolutely not....why do that after we intentionally did this? I mean, we never thought we would get more than one, but to be blessed with an extra two? No way. What's meant to be will be...I wasn't going to "play God", as some people say, any more than we had already done. Now we just hope and pray for a healthy pregnancy and three healthy babies. Photobucket

August 12, 2008

Today was my first visit with my new OB-GYN here in Victoria. I learned today that I will be seeing a Maternal-Fetal Specialist that comes to Victoria once a month. I also received the news that I will probably have to stop working at 20 weeks-uh oh. There is that little thing called money that is necessary to survive, especially when you have three babies on the way!

The rest of the month of August and September just consisted of me working and going through the normal first trimester symptoms x3! I craved mainly spicy food. The thought of seafood made me want to vomit (and I actually did on my plate at Red Lobster!) My usual sweet tooth went away and I kicked the caffeine habit (except for an occasional coffee or soda.) I never threw up much...just dry heaved every time I brushed my teeth and felt like I wanted to die after every meal. I know some people don't care about the gory details but I'm recording all this for my memories! There were many days when I came running out of my patients rooms because something made me sick. Gross medical stuff usually intrigues me but not while pregnant! I would later have to apologize to the coherent patients who understood...thank goodness the other ones were either crazy or sedated. And of course there were the hormones...Psycho Chick definitely came out a few times (and she still does). I think most of my friends and family are pretty much scared of me right now and I hope most of them hormones are RAGING! Poor Brad.

October 21, 2008 (17 weeks)

Today was my first appointment with Dr. Rowe the specialist. My September appointment had to be cancelled because of Hurricane Ike. Brad and my mom went with me and we learned that we were having three boys! I was completely shocked! I thought for sure there would be a girl in there! The ultrasound tech said that he would bet his paycheck that they were boys...very proud ones. Brad was so excited. This was his first doctor visit with me and once he saw the boys on the ultrasound it seemed as if all his anxiety and fears went away. The ultrasound took over and hour. It was amazing at how detailed it was and how they look at each system. Dr. Rowe said we won't know if any are identical till they are born...I guess because we got off to a late start seeing him. All the boys are in their own sacs and each have their own umbilical cord. I had three placentas but A & B's fused together into one. Since there were three of everything, this makes me think they are all fraternal. We left there excited and relieved that everything looks good so far. Here is a pic of one of the boys really showing off his stuff. It's kind of hard to tell but it says "Oh boy" with an arrow pointing at his business: Photobucket

November 7, 2008

Today was my last day at work. I'm not on strict bedrest, just modified- the doctors just don't want me working and stressed out. They want me relaxing. I feel pretty good but I know I have to do whats best for these boys. Everyone at work brought food and I had a cake that said "Good Luck". Since I'm taking a leave of absence my job won't be guaranteed but my boss seems to think that won't be a problem. I hope not because I'm going to have to go back to work even though it's going to be hard.

November 15, 2008 (21 weeks)

Today was my first baby shower. We decided to have them early since anything can happen so early on in a triplet pregnancy. One of my best friends Lindsey gave it for me. Everything was great and I got sooooo much stuff! We played baby bingo, ate, and the gift unwrapping took forever! Lindsey really did a great job (considering she was nine months prego herself!)


November 21, 2008 (22 weeks)

Another good report from Dr. Rowe today, the boys are growing strong. He was a little worried about the amount of amniotic fluid in two of the sacs (too much) so he wants me to watch my carb intake and I'll have to be screened for gestational diabetes again. Other than that he was pleased!


December 6, 2008

My Aunt Ronna hosted a shower for me at my Grandma's house. She did the theme as "Three Peas in A Pod". Everything was so cute and perfect! The flower arrangements even had real peas in the water! One of my favorite things was one of the party favors- it was a plastic pea that opened up and had candy in it. Attached was a little note tied to it with a ribbon, I almost cried when I read it! This is what it said:

"Thank you for sharing this special day, we are sorry we had to stay away. We may be a little longer, because we have to grow stronger! Thank you for your love and wishes, we'd like to shower you with kisses! Brady, Grant, & Luke"

We played some really neat games, one we had to guess what kind of baby food was smeared in the diaper! I got so many mom, aunt and grandma have gotten the boys so much! The shower went really well, it was a special day.


December 16, 2008

Another uneventful appointment with Dr. Rowe today (which is a good thing). The boys are growing exceptionally well (I need to start writing down their weights). Dr. Rowe said as long as I stay pregnant another five weeks, if anything were to happen after that things will be ok. Of course my goal is still 34-36 weeks. I'm holding these boys in!

December 25, 2008

A baby Christmas! The family decided that this year we were not going to exchange gifts with each other. Everything was for the boys. I really hated to take Christmas away from everyone but my family is wonderful and just us being all together for once was great. We ate like pigs then opened up baby gifts on Christmas Eve. I cannot explain how much my parents, grandparents and aunt and uncle have done for these boys. It is unbelievable how much they have spent on baby stuff. I hope they know how much Brad and I appreciate it. We all can't wait till next year when the boys are here! It is going to be so awesome. I remember last Christmas I was a little down because we didn't have any kids and thought we never would. Now we've been blessed times three and our Christmases will never be the same!

After we were finished with gifts, they brought them all over to the house and everyone started in on the nursery! There is so much to do, but it is finally starting to come together. As soon as the room is organized and presentable I will take pictures and post them!